General information
General information
The Toolkit4maths ™ is an online portal containing a suite of powerful tools to help teachers build conceptual understanding in Mathematics for all students. In order to develop every student’s mathematical proficiency, teachers must systematically integrate the use of concrete and virtual manipulatives into classroom instruction at all class levels. Virtual manipulatives can be used as a part of the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (C-R-A) learning cycle, which is a key and successful part of the mathematics approach in Singapore.   
The following video provides an overview of the Toolkit4maths ™.
The Toolkit4maths™ contains a full suite of important mathematics tools for teacher modelling and demonstration of concepts, supporting more effective teaching and pupil learning in mathematics, right across the primary school
The Toolkit4maths™ - Essential Features:
  • Whole School Access for ALL teachers 24/7/365
  • Unique whole-school login for ALL teachers
  • 27 dynamic mathematics tools to enable better teaching and learning
  • 25 Target Boards covering a range of topics
  • Facility to easily create your own fully interactive Target Boards
  • Home access for all to assist lesson preparation
  • Information guides included for all tools
  • Suggested activities and applications for each tool
  • Cloud delivery – no installation required
  • Full technical support
  • Immediate access
  • Access anywhere, anytime
Why use the Toolkit4maths™? 
  1. The Toolkit4maths™ strengthens the teaching and learning of mathematics through facilitating meaningful mathematical discourse between student/student & student/teacher, helping build a shared understanding of mathematical ideas. 
  2. The Toolkit4maths™ empowers the teacher to render and work through important concepts using the tools & manipulatives on the interactive whiteboard at the front of the classroom.
  3. Utilising the Toolkit4maths™ should be a key strategy and part of the Whole-School Maths Plan in every school.
  4. The Toolkit4maths™ contributes immeasurably to the effective teaching and learning of mathematics across the classes; driving thinking deeper, achievement higher and progression further. 
  5. Difficult ideas are made more understandable when the Toolkit4maths™ makes them more visible e.g. regrouping using Dienes Blocks. By using the Toolkit4maths™ to show difficult concepts in a visual way, teachers can improve the learning experience for all.
  6. The Toolkit4maths™ help students to learn better when used in well-designed teaching sequences, tasks and activities.
  7. The Toolkit4maths™ holds pupil attention, prompts thinking and stimulates learning.
  8. The Toolkit4maths™ can allow teachers present information in multiple new ways which help students to understand, assimilate and use it more readily.
  9. The Toolkit4maths™ enables teachers to better teach, illustrate and interrogate a range of concepts across the many areas of mathematics.
  10. The Toolkit4maths™ has 27 Interactive mathematics manipulatives and 25 Target Boards to incorporate into instructional sequences to effectively illustrate mathematics concepts, illuminate thinking and deepen children’s conceptual understanding.
  11. The Toolkit4maths™ is a teacher driven toolkit, used up on the interactive whiteboard, while at the same time the students are using the equivalent physical manipulatives at their desks.
  12. TheToolkit4maths™ graphing tool removes the chore of processing data manually and frees students to concentrate on its interpretation and use.
  13. Providing teachers across the whole-school with easy/always on access to the Toolkit4maths™ encourages and improves the use of IT in the curriculum.
  14. The Toolkit4maths™ will assist teachers to take a fresh look at how they teach and the ways in which students learn.
  15. The INFO page for each tool in the Toolkit4maths™ provides a detailed explanation on how to operate the tool and ideas on how best to apply it in the classroom, thus building teacher competence in operating it and confidence in utilising it within curriculum.
  16. The Toolkit4maths™ is a dynamic, cloud-based resource which will grow and expand year on year.

How much does the Toolkit4maths™ cost? 

Whole school subscription for 1 year for ALL teachers is just €125

Single user subscription for 1 year is €39.95